We are doing for the benefit of others

We are aware of our responsibility for society and we proudly accept it.

Care starts at home

We take care of a safe and positive work environment and we support a healthy balance between work and leisure, as well as importance of socializing and quality of family life. We encourage the education of our employees and future staff. Disabled people and people with disabilities are also welcome. Everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of society through their work.

Taking care of yourself

We provide tasty, safe, quality and nutritionally balanced food. We take care of healthy and tasty food in kindergartens, schools and other public institutions. Our food is free of excess salt, industrial trans fatty acids, unnecessary artificial colors or preservatives. We are actively raising public awareness of various aspects of modern nutrition.

Taking care of the planet

We responsibly reduce noise, light pollution, energy consumption, water consumption and total carbon footprint. We reduce waste from raw materials and help reduce food waste. We support sustainable, organic and humane production of raw materials and with the same quality give priority to local suppliers. We promote plant-based diets.