Pekarna Pečjak is a family business whose beginnings date back to 1972, when its founder, Mr. Stanislav Pečjak, founded a biscuit production plant. Today, with a 50-year tradition of producing high-quality food products, Pekarna Pečjak employs 385 people with an annual turnover of 39 million euros in 2021.

The company is run by members of the second generation of Pečjak family, who take care of preserving the values of family entrepreneurship, high quality raw materials and superior taste of products. At the heart of our work is always the human being - as an employee, as our customer and as part of the community in which we operate.

The sales program includes:

  • frozen ready meals and side dishes,
  • fresh and frozen pastries and dough,
  • pasta,
  • fresh bread and bakery products,
  • fresh desserts,
  • potice and
  • cookies.

We produce 10,000 tons of products a year in the production units in Škofljica and Trzin. Bakery Pečjak is

  • leading Slovenian producer of frozen products from puff, puff-sourdough, drawn and potato dough and
  • one of the largest burek producers in the EU (annual burek production 2,300 tonnes).

In addition to Slovenia, the company is present with its products in the markets of Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Montenegro, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The choice of high quality ingredients is the basis for the manufacturing of all products. There is no room for substitutes, but only natural ingredients such as fresh cottage cheese, cream and apples, as well as quality meat, eggs and nuts. Pekarna Pečjak's products have a rich filling, they contain only sustainable farming eggs, and we also give preference to locally grown ingredients. When developing new products, we avoid unnecessary additives. We want to offer our customers high quality and delicious products. The quality of the products is also confirmed by gold medals for excellent bakery products, which are awarded every year by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and whose recipient is Pekarna Pečjak.

We follow trends, changed habits of our customers and take care of customers with health restrictions. That is why we are developing special product lines: eco / bio, vegan, products without egg and milk, products with functional properties,…

With the thought of making it easier for our customers to prepare a delicious hot meal every day, we designed the products to allow quick preparation.

Breadth of our sales program is an extensive network of selling points (20 stores, 22 mobile stores and selling points of most retailers and service stations). Our strong own distribution provided to our partners with confidence in the excellence of Pekarna Pečjak's products and services.

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